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My Margate 1500m Fun Run
4th September 2005

As Daddy and Sean were training for their half Marathon in Margate,
Joe and I decided to enter the Kids Fun Run for 1500m.

It was way cool and we both completed it easily along with the 16 year olds!!

My shiny Medal for Running 1500m!!

2005-09-04-27.jpg (55558 bytes)
On your marks, get set - GO!!
2005-09-04-43.jpg (68885 bytes)
There's Joe ahead of me
2005-09-04-44.jpg (43985 bytes)
I pace myself slowly...
2005-09-04-41.jpg (57992 bytes)
....and let others go ahead
2005-09-04-30.jpg (48982 bytes)
We give Mummy a wave...
2005-09-04-29.jpg (62163 bytes)
....Joe does too as we pass by
2005-09-04-31.jpg (51691 bytes)
There's me ahead of Joe now
2005-09-04-34.jpg (59681 bytes)
Trying desperately to win
2005-09-04-45.jpg (79605 bytes)
Sprinting badly!!!
2005-09-04-35.jpg (74614 bytes)
Reached the end at last!!
2005-09-04-36.jpg (61980 bytes)
Joe comes in after me
2005-09-04-37.jpg (82938 bytes)
and completes the race easily!
2005-09-04-38.jpg (71653 bytes)
We show off our medals
2005-09-04-39.jpg (72958 bytes)
another one for our collection!
2005-09-04-02.jpg (63196 bytes)
Chilling out
2005-09-04-03.jpg (65785 bytes)
Wait for the Daddy's to complete their race

Sons and Dads - Proud with our medals!!