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Isaac's 8th Birthday Party
10th December 2005

Isaac's 8th Birthday Party was amazing!
Fleur, his mum arranged a Laser Gun Party at Kids Safari!

It was so cool to play this game. 
We also received Certificates for our scores of attack!

Isaac's Scooby Doo cake was really tasty!

2005-12-10-16.jpg (62836 bytes)
He blows all the candles!

2005-12-10-11.jpg (58393 bytes)
Isabel and Fleur chat

2005-12-10-08.jpg (47988 bytes)
Oscar gives me a big hug!

2005-12-10-04.jpg (79477 bytes)
We chit chat while eating

2005-12-10-07.jpg (53016 bytes)
Elle, Rhia and Mary-Ann

2005-12-10-06.jpg (69435 bytes)
Jamie tucks in

2005-12-10-12.jpg (34954 bytes)
Harry messing around as usual!!

2005-12-10-13.jpg (39890 bytes)
Finley and Thomas

2005-12-10-09.jpg (65799 bytes)
These are all my school mates

2005-12-10-10.jpg (73590 bytes)
We're having a jolly time

2005-12-10-02.jpg (52004 bytes)
Isaac returns to his team for a game

2005-12-10-01.jpg (46134 bytes)
So thirsty after so much playing!!