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Christmas Day - 2005
25th December 2005

We spent our Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's house this year.
I helped Grandpa decorate the tree and named the table tags!
Grandma cooked all the food - 5 courses and it all was so superb!

At lunch time I said my speech, which I prepared earlier!!

I can't wait to open the presents, but I have to!!!!

2005-12-25-36.jpg (59898 bytes)
Mummy looks smart

2005-12-25-38.jpg (71046 bytes)
Just like me!

2005-12-25-03.jpg (51121 bytes)
Grandpa and I having fun!

2005-12-25-04.jpg (54186 bytes)
Grandma preparing in the kitchen

2005-12-25-05.jpg (70145 bytes)
After she is finished....

2005-12-25-06.jpg (64651 bytes)
I say my speech about Jesus!

2005-12-25-14.jpg (45078 bytes)
Mummy has her starters

2005-12-25-13.jpg (54456 bytes)
Daddy and I pull a cracker!

2005-12-25-10.jpg (62468 bytes)
Grandma on her starters too

2005-12-25-11.jpg (67012 bytes)
Grandpa looks cool with his yellow hat

2005-12-25-09.jpg (60023 bytes)
Warren and Matthew....

2005-12-25-08.jpg (57752 bytes)
....Melissa and Caroline

2005-12-25-07.jpg (75482 bytes)
My cousins are behaving so well!

2005-12-25-12.jpg (67186 bytes)
I sit next to Uncle Ian and behave too!

Hooray - time to open the presents!!!!

2005-12-25-16.jpg (59198 bytes)
Melissa with her crazy Frog

2005-12-25-33.jpg (50366 bytes)
Daddy and I read instructions

2005-12-25-24.jpg (56437 bytes)
Wow TV games with consoles

2005-12-25-15.jpg (63250 bytes)
Matthew has found chocolates!

2005-12-25-20.jpg (62541 bytes) 2005-12-25-21.jpg (42931 bytes)

2005-12-25-28.jpg (66378 bytes)
Gosh these are from Grandma & Grandpa

2005-12-25-27.jpg (38918 bytes)
They are so BIG!

2005-12-25-30.jpg (65480 bytes)
Matthew gives Grandma a thank you hug

2005-12-25-29.jpg (54626 bytes)
Grandpa helps me to open my HUGE car

2005-12-25-18.jpg (55417 bytes)
Warren plays the Jenga game

2005-12-25-34.jpg (39290 bytes)
Uncle Ian in deep thought!

2005-12-25-31.jpg (68643 bytes)
Grandpa has a present to unwrap too

2005-12-25-32.jpg (56534 bytes)
Grandma struggling too

2005-12-25-26.jpg (75572 bytes)
More presents....

2005-12-25-25.jpg (56701 bytes)
Ian and Warren help Matthew