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Ian's Birthday
26th December 2005

Happy Birthday to Uncle Ian!
He had a tasty cake and Grandma made a yummy trifle too

Melissa helps uncle Ian to blow the candles!

2005-12-26-01.jpg (38363 bytes)
Waiting patiently for the cake...

2005-12-26-02.jpg (58716 bytes)
....as we sing Happy Birthday

2005-12-26-09.jpg (35883 bytes)
How old again?

2005-12-26-06.jpg (47419 bytes)
One candle?

2005-12-26-04.jpg (41178 bytes) 2005-12-26-05.jpg (56716 bytes)

2005-12-26-07.jpg (43577 bytes)
I show Daddy how to do Karate

2005-12-26-08.jpg (46901 bytes)
and he thinks its funny!