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Stable Manners!
8th December 2005

This year I wanted to be a Musician in our Christmas Production,
so I played an instrument for the evening and daytime show.

The play was extremely funny and all the parents
enjoyed it very much!

The Smart Musicians- Kellen, Archie, Travis, me, Matthew and Aiden

2005-12-08-21.jpg (42148 bytes)
Matthew and I take our places

2005-12-08-23.jpg (45677 bytes)
We bow to the audience!

2005-12-08-03.jpg (37348 bytes)
As well as playing the instruments..

2005-12-08-16.jpg (37784 bytes)
.....we sing plenty of songs!

2005-12-08-01.jpg (45285 bytes)
Harry takes his position

2005-12-08-05.jpg (54527 bytes)
Emma on the tamborine

2005-12-08-09.jpg (42707 bytes)
Joseph and Mary with baby Jesus

2005-12-08-04.jpg (53722 bytes)
The animals in the stable

2005-12-08-08.jpg (51185 bytes)
More singing in the stable

2005-12-08-07.jpg (57980 bytes)
The Sheep and the Chicken are so funny!

2005-12-08-25.jpg (31889 bytes)
Mrs Parnell and Mrs Scott present flowers

2005-12-08-14.jpg (34326 bytes)
There's me, singing so loud!

2005-12-08-24.jpg (57049 bytes)
Oscar and Jesse are the angels

2005-12-08-19.jpg (55993 bytes)
Everyone takes a bow at the end

The cow, sheep and chicken were ever so funny in this play!!