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Making Chapattis!
29th September 2005

I love eating chapattis! I fancied some so Mummy made them for us.
But I love to help roll them and am getting very good at it!

Mummy says I'm very good at it!

2005-09-29-02.jpg (49936 bytes)
Here's me rolling one

2005-09-29-03.jpg (43531 bytes)
I'm really concentrating!

2005-09-29-05.jpg (55196 bytes)
another one

2005-09-29-04.jpg (45439 bytes)
that's two, I've managed

2005-09-29-06.jpg (47019 bytes)
Wow - that's mine, puffing out!

2005-09-29-07.jpg (44592 bytes)
I make at least three!!