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Harry's 8th Birthday
23rd April 2006

Harry's 8th Birthday was Football theme!! I was in the red team.
 We won 4-2 Against the Whites. (Whites = Fulham & Reds = Crystal Palace)
It was fantastic!!!!!!

Harry stuffing himself!!

Harry's Hedgehog Cake

He blows the candles!

There's Jesse, Kellen and George

I wait for my lunch while Oscar eats!

Mmmm - Chicken Nuggets and Chips!!

We're having a cool time!

Travis and Sam

Isaac and James

Charlie's talking to Oscar and me

Olivia and Ione
Football Fun Play

Oops, Finley and Travis hurt?

I'm having a sliding time

Everyone waits patiently...

...as Sam throws the ball in

Hello - there's a rabbit on the ground!

Let's all get him!!!!!

I'm getting really sweaty!

Oscar runs wild

Its a fantastic game!