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Crystal Palace v Norwich!
25th February 2006

Daddy took me to see a live Crystal Palace game 
and wow it was so wicked!

Goals for C.P. A Johnson 6 
B Watson 33 
C Morrison 53
F Hall 61 and For Norwich D Ward 87 Own Goal!!

Norwich player G Doherty 80 gets a yellow card!

2006-02-25-01.jpg (48439 bytes)
I concentrate on watching the game

2006-02-25-03.jpg (51527 bytes)
Andy Johnson training here

2006-02-25-02.jpg (45486 bytes)
Isn't this cool?

2006-02-25-08.jpg (63547 bytes)
The game is getting interesting!

 the Score is Crystal Palace 4-1 Norwich
What a wicked Game