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Kid's Samaritan's Run - 2006
23rd Sept 2006

The Kid's Samaritan's Run was again a fun event and
we all loved to take part.

This time the Mayor arrived to present our medals!

A team of young enthusiastic runners line up

Ready, Steady....Go!!

Lap 1 completed!!

Lap 2 completed

Leela is holding on....good girl!

....Charlie gives up, never mind

that wasn't so bad!

I've finished the race - 3rd place again!!
The Mayor of Croydon presents the Medals to all the young participants!

Dylan Fernandes

Alan doing the Presentation

Leela Takwani

Megan Takwani

Charlie Bushby

Alexander Bushby

They are so proud of taking part and receiving their medals!

with my friends, Alexander and charlie

Our parents are so proud of us!

Isabel and Mummy

With Mum and Dad