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Marsh Maize Maze
11th August 2007

My aunty (Mummy's elder sister) came to stay with us for a week
so we took her to the Maize Maze.

She joined in the fun and helped me find some of the clues when
Mummy and Daddy gave up!! This maze is very difficult!

Aunty and I at one of the clues for the wizards

Slithering snake

aunty joins in the game here

Daddy ahead for the flags

What's Mummy found?

The witch points left but Mummy says right!

must pull this sword

Time for lunch and ice-lollies.....

.....and kick of the football

Hooray....end at last!

But we only managed to find 7 clues!

Mummy is exhausted!!

The bridge to exit

The wizard and his cat!

Daddy as the Sly fox