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Birmingham Sports Tournament
4th August 2007

On Saturday and Sunday was the football and Southall got to both
senior and junior final!

We supported Southall but unfortunately we lost in the junior final against Rugby! (what a shame).
 But in the Senior final (pictured) we won 5-4 on penalties as after
extra time it was 1-1!

What a fabulous game!!

Southall Celebrating the good win!

Beer time at the Bar!!

everyone watches the football


Lulu and Mummy after lunch!

Anika and Ramesh uncle

What a feast at Half Time
Evening Party

Anika looking pretty!

Mummy at the evening party

Mitesh and Vinesh, my cousins

smile Daddy!

Dylan - Anish - Vinnay - Mala - Anika
We stayed the night at my cousins house in Birmingham

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Day 2 of The Tournament Finals

Anish and I are all set to watch the Finals

Great Footie Game!

Anika and her mum, Raksha

Anish cuddling his sister

Anika looks so cute!

Mummy and Daddy after breakfast

Mummy and her 2nd Sister, Manju masi

Sisters and Brother!

Vinny and Mitu

All the girls!

All my cousins!

All the boys!