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Running for Cancer
23rd September 2007

My friend Oscar and I entered the Children's fun run for CLIC Sargent
(caring for Children with Cancer) at Leas Cliff.

We ran a mile and I came in 4th position for the Yr5 and Yr6 group!

Oscar and I look positive as we wait for our group to run!

The Toddlers & Reception warm up

The organizers in pink

I wait patiently with dad

Now we get ready!

Yr5 & Yr6 at the Start Line

And there we go!!!

I have three runners ahead of me......

Oscar struggles up the hill

She is so fast and wins the race!

I come in 4th Position - I was quite disappointed!

Show off our medals

Mum is very proud of me

Leas Cliff at Folkestone