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Brockhill Park
4th September 2007

Mummy suggested having a picnic and long walk in Brockhill Park
on my last day of School Holidays.

We all enjoyed it as it is a beautiful countryside with a great scenery!

Fabulous Picnic Mum!

Daddy and I stuff ourselves

Great place to be today

Mum and her veggie burger

I watch the small waterfall

Wow this lake is so mossy

so many colorful dragonflies

Mum loves me so much!

Hey view the lake - it's fab!

A little flowing stream...

....which Daddy crosses easily !

Wow this small bridge leads to a Farm

Amazing scenery

Mummy is approached by an angry sheep!

We're avoiding all the pooh!!

but I get stung by the nettles!

Daddy and I climb the hill to explore

Weeeee - its fun up here

and great to slide down!