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Nairobi Market - Kenya
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16th January 2008

Giraffe Sanctuary was so peaceful and the Giraffes were gorgeous!
We were allowed to feed them and they were very close!!!

Some people even gave them a big slobbery kiss - not me!!

I'm feeding the Giraffe as my aunty watches!

Mum is so brave standing amongst two Giraffes!!

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Nairobi Safari Walk - this is great way to see the animals in the open.

We start off by seeing the tortoises

We are so high up -  above all the animals!

Some baboons hiding

Ostriches looked big

I try to feed the Rhino....

.....but am a little frightened!

The Keeper and his Cheetah

Pack of Wolves at lunch time!
Nairobi Park - I went horse riding and then on a car!