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The Oval
6th June 2009

The Oval was fantastic! Mum, Dad, Ian and I went to watch some fab cricket.

Chris Gayle from W. Indies was incredible!! He hit some 4's and 6's
which went over our heads onto the main road!!! Wow!!

The Oval in the morning after a lot of rain!!!!

Wet seats & wet bums!

Waiting for the game to begin

Everyone is excited

There's us - shouting!!

Dylan in search of a new bat!

at least the rain has stopped!

Half time - bit peckish

and thirsty!

The Scots are out on the pitch

but lose against N. Zealand

The Windies come on

one of their players

Ian Bishop signing autographs

He used to be a W. Indies player

I'm busy with my score card!!

The young dancers

The West Indies Team with Chris Gayle on the left