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Christmas in Romford
25th December 2010

This year we went to my cousin sister's house for Christmas.

Raksha n Ash made us really welcome and cooked a wicked Christmas lunch!
Dilip n Seema, friends of theirs were also invited and there was another Dylan!!!

Thanks for having us over Raksha n Ash, we really enjoyed our stay!

Anika, Dylan1, Maya, Jeyna, Dylan and Anish - waiting for our pressies!!

yay! time to open the pressies!

Everyone is curious

more stuff in the stocking

The men receive their smas socks!!

Mum opens her present...

....from Raksha

Raksha handing out so many presents

The men are happy with theirs!

Dad and Ash enjoying their cold beers!

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It was also Maya's Birthday so she cut her cake and opened more presents!


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There were so many of us so we sat on the floor for our Xmas lunch.
This was really fun and different!

Look at mum's face!!! It's only a cracker not poppers!

Rakshaben made such an excellent meal

I really enjoyed it & finished my plate clean!!

Is Dad searching for jokes!!

All the kids look stuffed!

Ash with his 2 hats on!!

Dilip n Seema with Dylan1!