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Halloween - trick or treat!
30th October 2010

ooooooo.....it's Halloween!! Mat, Mel, Charlie and I dressed up in our scary clothes!
Mum did a bit of face-painting and aunty Caroline organised all the funny n scary games
to keep us amused!!! It was a brilliant Halloween's Day!

The awesome witch, skeleton, ghoul and little Dracula!!

too many awful spiders.....

......and flying bats!!

mum is definitely afraid of me!!

Skeleton with no heart!

Some scary story-telling

The witch tells us some porkies!

Wrap the Mummy!

that was really funny!!

I try my best

but not doing so well

Matthew really wraps up Charlie!!

The walking dead Mummy

Some more games....

....to keep us amused!

The best dressed witch in town!!!!!