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My pal, Mirani from Australia
19th September 2010

It had been such a long time since I'd seen Mirani. She emigrated to Australia at the age of 4 and that was ages ago! She came to England with Raj, her dad for a month.

We were both born in the same year and we used to play together when we were young.
It was just amazing to see her again!!!

I was surprised that Mirani enjoyed footie - especially Crystal Palace!!

Heading our to watch the game

Both of us enjoying the game

Half time....

.....Palace v Burnley 0-0!

After the game, we have a good time at their Re-union Party!

Mirani with her Aunty Mala

Chatting in the kitchen

Raj and mum at Mala's party

Mum gives Mirani a big hug!

The Naughty Bunch together!!!