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Marsh Maize Maze with Sam!
8th August 2011

I just love Marsh Maize Maze - they always have a different theme every year!

We took Sam this year so we teamed off against mum n dad. We finished first finding all our clues pretty quick while mum n dad were still in there!!

The 2 Llamas fooling around!!

We could leave Sam in there!

The start of the maze

Sam n I look around for clues

Get Lost!

Mum has found a clue

Aha it's Sam!!!!

Is she lost n cheating??

Dad looks happy in there

Yay! we're nearly there...

Sam n I already out on the cars!

Mum brings a lot of food as usual!

The wasps are chasing Sam around!

Off to the farm on a tractor ride

aaah the baby llamas are so cute

Loving the bumpy ride

let's fool around a bit more...

The Giant Jenga was awesome

Not that one Sam.....Noooo!!