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Goa Holiday 2003/4
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December 2003 - January 2004

My holiday in Goa was wicked - especially the beaches!!
I also enjoyed flying to Kerala where the coconut milk is yummy.

In Goa I met so many new uncles, aunts and cousins too. 
But the best part was when they took me on their motorbike rides, 
although mummy wasn't too pleased!!!

Calangute Beach - I am totally soaked but it felt great in the hot sun!

Goa-01.jpg (48299 bytes)
Calangute Beach

Goa-06.jpg (62330 bytes)
Anjuna Beach

dyl-goa-08.jpg (63982 bytes)
Vagotor Beach - Lord Shiva 

dyl-goa-09.jpg (90806 bytes)
Fort Aguada

dyl-goa-13.jpg (83961 bytes)
One of my acquaintances

dyl-goa-12.gif (194985 bytes)
Where's she disappeared?

dyl-goa-11.jpg (74982 bytes)
Alicia who paid a daily visit to sing

dyl-goa-02.jpg (88211 bytes)
Brilliant swing at the Jolly Jacks Bar

dyl-goa-31.jpg (88088 bytes)

dyl-goa-29.jpg (52221 bytes)
......Go away, daddy!

dyl-goa-03.jpg (78953 bytes)
Daddy and Uncle Ian jump the wave

dyl-goa-26.jpg (58688 bytes)
but daddy's money become's wet!

dyl-goa-14.jpg (156904 bytes)
Kovalam Beach - Kerela

dyl-goa-16.jpg (86735 bytes)
I loved the rocks there.

Goa-04.jpg (66440 bytes)
Pizzeria - Kerela

Goa-05.jpg (55036 bytes)
Love my shades?

dyl-goa-28.jpg (74311 bytes)
Hey man, you've left this little fish!

dyl-goa-17.jpg (80703 bytes)
which way now daddy?

dyl-goa-23.jpg (64993 bytes)
Mummy's still shopping! - Back in Goa

dyl-goa-24.jpg (44402 bytes)
so I'm taking a breather!

dyl-goa-25.jpg (76731 bytes)
Back at the "Flying Dolphins"

dyl-goa-27.jpg (61851 bytes)
At the bar with grandpa

dyl-goa-18.jpg (71901 bytes)
My best friend, Ajay the barman

dyl-goa-19.jpg (108946 bytes)
I'll have the usual - mango juice!

dyl-goa-22.jpg (90910 bytes)
admiring all the silver jewellery

dyl-goa-20.jpg (77714 bytes)
This is Jerry, Ajay's dog

dyl-goa-01.jpg (99385 bytes)
Golden Eye Restaurant

dyl-goa-10.jpg (70352 bytes)
999 Restaurant - Mikhail and I chill

The Sunset of Goa