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Whitehorse Manor Sports Day 2003

It's 8th July 2003 and it's my first School Sports Day
I think we all did well with the support of our parents and teachers.
I especially loved dressing up and running, it was so funny and most of us dropped our hats!!
I'm in the Yellow Team with my friends ,Alex, Danielle, Volkan, Charlotte, Jordon and Mohammed
And guess what Mrs Staniforth confirmed at the end of the day that we were the winners!!!!

Have you spotted me - dressed up with a scarf, hat and a handbag!!!
sports2003-02.jpg (69586 bytes)
Jordan and Ian cheat by holding the rings!
sports2003-01.jpg (78842 bytes)
Ooops, I can't balance the Ring on my head
sports2003-07.jpg (77304 bytes)
We wait patiently for our turn
sports2003-03.jpg (87240 bytes)
The Yellow Team are the best!
sports2003-08.jpg (63876 bytes)
Jordon throws the Beanbag
sports2003-09.jpg (53454 bytes)
I try to chuck the beanbag as far as possible
sports2003-10.jpg (63010 bytes)
Oh no, Charlotte's too upset to have a go!
sports2003-11.jpg (66022 bytes)
Mrs Burnett is brilliant
sports2003-13.jpg (57311 bytes)
No trouble thorugh the Hoops!
sports2003-12.jpg (70729 bytes)
Alexander finds the hoops a bit tricky
sports2003-14.jpg (63661 bytes)
But he's Ok with the Egg and Spoon race
sports2003-15.jpg (72666 bytes)
Hey, just look at me, so steady!!!
sports2003-16.jpg (72703 bytes)
Amal and Danielle thinks it's a laugh
sports2003-17.jpg (67885 bytes)
I run pretty fast in the Running race
sports2003-21.jpg (71755 bytes)
Toddler Race - Charlie and William have a go
sports2003-18.jpg (76258 bytes)
Now what's happening??
sports2003-19.jpg (55265 bytes)
It's the daddy's race, but where's my daddy?
sports2003-20.jpg (60344 bytes)
Mummy's race too - Isobel has a go
sports2003-22.jpg (68542 bytes)
Back to the classroom - End of a lovely day
sports2003-23.jpg (54223 bytes)
grandpa comforts me - my elbow is bleeding!!