Kent - 23rd May 2004

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23rd May  2004

Another visit to our house meant that we could go and purchase 
the paint and start painting. 
Alwyn painted while I emptied everything in the kitchen before the
 MFI Fitters arrived to do their job!

Dylan plays in the lounge

23May2004l-04.jpg (42141 bytes)
Alwyn gets the roller out...

23May2004l-03.jpg (34332 bytes)
to paint the kitchen ceiling

23May2004l-08.jpg (44011 bytes)
I think he's enjoying it

23May2004l-07.jpg (34147 bytes)
From the look of his smile?

23May2004l-10.jpg (24231 bytes)
Master bedroom - the painting is drying

23May2004l-09.jpg (33982 bytes)
I've tidied the bathroom 

23May2004l-13.jpg (43684 bytes)
The "guest room" 

23May2004l-12.jpg (43707 bytes)
at present a dump room!!

23May2004l-15.jpg (33037 bytes)
Dylan's bedroom

23May2004l-14.jpg (46271 bytes)
He loves his "fresh blue" paint on the wall

23May2004l-16.jpg (44661 bytes)
The toy cupboard- what a mess!!

23May2004l-01.jpg (47918 bytes)
Another place for dumping "kitchen stuff"

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