Day out in Sandgate and Dymchurch

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12th September  2004

When my friends stayed the night after our  House-warming party,  Alwyn and I took them out for the day - and we had such a great time!
It was great also great for Dylan to play with Alexander and Charlie again!

I was glad to see Isobel too, we got a chance to have a good chat.
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In the back garden - Bob, Isobel, Marga and Jose soak in the morning sun

Oh no!!! - a group photo - say Cheese!

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Another photo - with Jose this time

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Alex and Dylan have a quick game of footie

12Sept2004-02.jpg (77023 bytes)
What's Charlie lost in the shed?

12Sept2004-04.jpg (83057 bytes)
Alex tries heading the ball

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We drove to the Adventure Playground followed by the 
Dymchurch Beach as it was a sunny day

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12Sept2004-23.jpg (89085 bytes) 12Sept2004-24.jpg (109565 bytes)

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Beautiful shrubs, couldn't resist them

12Sept2004-08.jpg (82017 bytes)
Bob and I relax while Jose plays!!

We take a walk up to Leas Cliff, discovering some caves on the way!

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