Nursery Project II - Part 2

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Mosaic Design - April 2003

 Our team workers were pretty keen to get on with the Mosaic design 
and performed with full velocity!!

The result being excellent as anticipated and I must add, we received many orders from
clients to design their gardens and bathrooms!!!!

There was no stopping Pat, the Head Organizer - she'd loved to design 
the Nursery's front garden next!

Second stage of the excellent mosaic - but still waiting for the Sea Horse!

Debbie's sparkling Starfish...

.....and my handsome Turtle

Aaaaah....we have a baby seahorse!!!

Mosaic-13.jpg (58885 bytes)
.....Debbie lays all the pieces together

Mosaic-01.jpg (41266 bytes)

Mosaic-03.jpg (42359 bytes)

Mosaic-06.jpg (54453 bytes)
Jackie and Pat work on the little details

Mosaic-07.jpg (66859 bytes)
Aha, the Octopus!!

Mosaic-08.jpg (45878 bytes)
Here's the seahorse - unfinished!

Mosaic-10.jpg (43649 bytes)
Debbie cuts out the eye piece with care

Mosaic-11.jpg (55865 bytes)
Here's Tracy at last  - to finish the seahorse!!

Mosaic-12.jpg (46498 bytes)
Don't upset her -  she has a hammer!!!!!

Mosaic-09.jpg (52567 bytes) Mosaic-05.jpg (51733 bytes)

The end result - August 2003

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