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26th November  2004
it was my birthday,  Alwyn treated us to a lovely meal at a restaurant in Hythe.
The food was excellent although I received a chicken Jalfrezi on my plate
instead of the Vegetable one!!! A fine Birthday surprise that was!

I'm still on my rice and waiting for my curry!

26nov2004-12.jpg (54844 bytes)
Yo man, we're looking cool

26nov2004-08.jpg (48255 bytes)
Cheers from "Bangla Beer"

26nov2004-09.jpg (46540 bytes)
Dylan has a feast of his own....

26nov2004-11.jpg (59269 bytes)
......and tucks in pretty quick!

26nov2004-13.jpg (48498 bytes)
Alwyn agrees that the meal was fab

It was quite filling, Dylan reckons

Another surprise - my favourite flowers,  from Alwyn!
.....and many presents too!

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