DDA Xmas 1993

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1993 Xmas Party - London

DDA always held Christmas parties for the staff and this year we travelled 
by coach to London for a Tudor Evening!

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Eileen, Shelley and Toni

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I've been given a Tommy Cooper hat!!

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Jim and Nigel

xmas05.jpg (46196 bytes)
Alwyn and Sebastian

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Hamish and Manu

xmas08.jpg (46440 bytes)
Bit of Tudor entertainment

xmas09.jpg (45522 bytes)
Brian watches as Jim tackles 3 beers!

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Back in the coach.....

xmas13.jpg (44889 bytes)
.......on our way home

xmas12.jpg (43114 bytes)

xmas11.jpg (44379 bytes)

Alwyn larking about with a hat!!

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