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Samaritan's Run - Sept 2006
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This year's Samaritan's Charity event was again such a success!
There was a great turnout from the usual runners
and some newcomers too!

 We had the Men's 10k Run, 5K run and the 5K walk.

The 1500m fun run for the children was again a triumphant!

Alwyn does the 10k run

Alan looks pretty fit

Nigel is doing ok

followed by Steve

Jen with her music on!

Some more runners

Min and friend walk the 5k....

Sundeep keeps on running!

Alwyn finishes his run

Steve happy to finish too!

Alan does the Presentation!

The audience and runners

Dylan Fernandes - Children's Fun Run
see Kids Samaritans Run for more photos

Alwyn and Dylan after the run!

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