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Picnic in Farthing Downs
28th June 2003

In June, it was so hot that I wanted to go to Farthing Downs, my favourite place.
Grandma and grandpa loved the walk but I was the leader and made 
them walk very far!!! 
I think Matthew enjoyed his day out too, he loved playing football.


Warren plays football as we all take a rest

This used to be my buggy but I didn't have a huge umbrella!

Say cheese, grandpa!!
FDowns-03.jpg (74037 bytes)
Matthew is getting shy

Daddy looks like a blind man
FDowns-04.jpg (80051 bytes)
Hey, Matthew does a bit of walking
FDowns-05.jpg (123401 bytes)
...he's back in the buggy
FDowns-06.jpg (98467 bytes)
Come on, mummy this is a shortcut
FDowns-07.jpg (69277 bytes)
Matthew thinks he can grab and run
FDowns-09.jpg (72166 bytes)
I love to tackle with daddy
FDowns-08.jpg (51481 bytes) FDowns-11.jpg (59058 bytes)
FDowns-15.jpg (28610 bytes)
Melissa stares at the camera
FDowns-17.jpg (33278 bytes)
and Matthew is up to no good!
FDowns-16.jpg (26882 bytes)

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