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Daniel's 5th Birthday
12th April 2003

It was my friend, Daniels party and they celebrated it with the Tumble Tots.

Jo and Dave bought a fabulous cake for Daniel and it tasted good too!
We all had a great time with Karen, the organiser

Daniel is about to blow the candle but he makes a wish first

Excellent cake, with a Pirate on the Ship
12April2003-16.jpg (56857 bytes)
This is his mum Jo
12April2003-12.jpg (62281 bytes)
Not a bad smile
12April2003-11.jpg (70462 bytes)
We all tuck in
12April2003-13.jpg (68412 bytes)
Look at me with my hat!
12April2003-14.jpg (71580 bytes)
The food is yummy as usual

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Playtime for all the children and we also play "Pass the Parcel"
12April2003-05.jpg (67209 bytes)
Karen shouts a loud hello and we join in!!!!!
12April2003-08.jpg (47802 bytes)
I enjoy rolling over the rollers
12April2003-02.jpg (61412 bytes)
I think I'm going to make it to the top
12April2003-03.jpg (62182 bytes)
chop chop Charlie!!
12April2003-04.jpg (58532 bytes)
Down we all go
12April2003-06.jpg (55182 bytes)
Daniel reckons he's sailing
12April2003-09.jpg (68024 bytes)
It's the Pass the Parcel....
12April2003-10.jpg (68493 bytes)
....good it's my turn to unwrap!
12April2003-17.jpg (42200 bytes)
More playtime so I try kicking the football
12April2003-22.jpg (60855 bytes)
Ooops the ball is catapulting towards me!!
12April2003-23.jpg (59441 bytes)
The hoops are great fun too
12April2003-18.jpg (48102 bytes)
Daniel watches as Jo slices his cake
12April2003-19.jpg (56089 bytes)
It's the Parachute game
12April2003-21.jpg (55345 bytes)
we all get ready to find the mouse underneath

I believe we've trapped him

I had a fantastic time!

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