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Daddy's Cricket Game
27th July 2003

On Sunday's it's cricket for Daddy, so Mummy and I packed a 
picnic and went along to watch him play. He played well for an old man!!!

After half time, I became a little bored and played with my bike and 
we also went berry picking!

Daddy looks cool doesn't he?
27July2003-06.jpg (48789 bytes)
I'm being nosy, looking at the scores
27July2003-01.jpg (39652 bytes)
Daddy adjusts his pads
27July2003-04.jpg (49581 bytes)
Half time - we have some refreshments
27July2003-05.jpg (49759 bytes)
Daddy has his cheese roll
27July2003-07.jpg (105402 bytes)
Mummy and I pick berries
27July2003-08.jpg (94039 bytes)
Look I've got a black juicy one!
27July2003-13.jpg (71627 bytes)
Game over ... 
27July2003-12.jpg (65196 bytes)
everyone changes
27July2003-09.jpg (89686 bytes)
This is their "Home Ground"
27July2003-10.jpg (64346 bytes)
New Team photo

Daddy has joined a new team

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