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Weekend away to Hastings
12th July 2003

My parents thought they needed a break by the coast so Mummy 
came up with the idea, Hastings - the old historic 1066 town.
There's no sandy beach but that didn't bother us as there is so much to do and the views are extremely breathtaking!!! 

My favourite was the Cliff Railways to West Hill 
where we visited the Smugglers Cave for an adventure!!

The view from the West Hill, Hastings
Hastings07.jpg (74855 bytes)
This is cool, daddy....
Hastings08.jpg (87950 bytes)
....Mummy holds on to me with care!
Hastings09.jpg (100724 bytes)
We do a bit of climbing and short walks too
Hastings.jpg (50593 bytes)
Norman Castle built by William the Conqueror
Hastings05.jpg (77447 bytes)
After a picnic.....
Hastings06.jpg (57223 bytes)
I do a lot of running!
Hastings04.jpg (114053 bytes)
I enjoy collecting different pebbles
Hastings03.jpg (114565 bytes)
Oh no, I nearly got caught - the water is cold!
Hastings01.jpg (107912 bytes)
Big smile for the camera
Hastings02.jpg (112750 bytes)
Mummy does plenty of sunbathing
Hastings11.jpg (53937 bytes)
Back at the Royal Victoria Hotel...
Hastings12.jpg (68088 bytes)
...we laze around and I eat on the bed
Hastings28.jpg (69648 bytes)
Gosh it's so hot - I strip off!
Hastings29.jpg (90206 bytes)
Mummy's bed is real comfy

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The Next Day.....we did more sightseeing in St.Leonards and Hastings
Hastings15.jpg (95592 bytes)
Hey dad, come with me....
Hastings16.jpg (123123 bytes)
....there's lots to see on these rocks
Hastings20.jpg (106632 bytes) Hastings18.jpg (128626 bytes)
Hastings19.jpg (85731 bytes) Hastings27.jpg (110059 bytes)
Hastings22.jpg (182461 bytes)
Daddy lazes around while we paddle in the sea
Hastings17.jpg (113312 bytes)
I enjoyed the Kiddies train ride
Hastings24.jpg (50159 bytes) Hastings23.jpg (53643 bytes)
Hastings25.jpg (46372 bytes) Hastings26.jpg (97766 bytes)
Hastings30.jpg (152921 bytes)
Wow - that was something.....
Hastings31.jpg (152649 bytes)
....it was dark and scary in the cave
Hastings21.jpg (49614 bytes)
I'll make the tea for you, daddy

On our way back home, we stop to see The Long Man -  pretty impressive, really!

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