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Melissa's Christening
26th July 2003

Caroline and Warren were the happiest couple when they christened their
pretty little girl, Melissa. She looked very smart in her dress
and a bonny little hat. Ian was the godfather and looked a slight nervous.

I met my friend again, Frankie Tiger, cool name!! I met him 
long time ago at the Millenium party, 

Caroline, the proud mummy of Melissa
Melissa.jpg (974706 bytes) christening-14.jpg (39310 bytes)
Melissa has lost almost all her hair
christening-01.jpg (36581 bytes)
Melissa's Godparents
christening-05.jpg (60960 bytes)
A yummy cake to celebrate!
christening-21.jpg (58288 bytes)
The D'Souza Family
christening-27.jpg (41466 bytes)
Here's me with my mummy and Melissa 
christening-15.jpg (45889 bytes)
The grandparents
christening-13.jpg (479980 bytes)
Melissa has her mind on something
christening-06.jpg (45282 bytes)
The Godparents cut the cake
christening-19.jpg (44911 bytes)
Hello its Matthew at last
christening-28.jpg (34457 bytes)
The Fernandes clan.....
christening-29.jpg (53150 bytes)
followed by both sets of Grandparents!
christening-20.jpg (53090 bytes)
I'm a little baby while dancing!
christening-25.jpg (53356 bytes)
The D'Souza's dancing style!
christening-22.jpg (51400 bytes)
Annabel and Christopher
christening-12.jpg (62739 bytes)
Here's my friend, Frankie Tiger
christening-16.jpg (41755 bytes)
daddy and mummy looking tired!
christening-17.jpg (47654 bytes)
Desiree and Uncle Ian, what are they thinking?
christening-10.jpg (52087 bytes)
Grandpa in deep thought?
christening-08.jpg (52578 bytes)
Grandma with the Monteiro family
christening-18.jpg (46560 bytes)
Matthew likes to be carried.....
christening-23.jpg (49835 bytes)
by both grandpa's, Joe and George
christening-09.jpg (52789 bytes)
He decides its all too much....
christening-11.jpg (46068 bytes)
and falls asleep in mummy's arms!!
christening-24.jpg (35362 bytes)
Oh no... mummy and I are caught dancing!!!

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