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A trip to Box Hill in the rain
25th May 2003
As it was a lovely Sunday afternoon we decided to go to Box Hill.
Just as we pulled into the car park - it started to pour with rain.
We had our lunch in the car and eventually the sun came out.

Box Hill is one of the best-known summits of the North Downs and at 193m (634 feet) it is prominent in the landscape.
The 120m high (394 feet) sheer chalk escarpment (called The Whites) has been cut away by the River Mole and is the finest natural river cliff in the county, if not in southern Britain. The cliff is so steep that the only trees that can get a foothold are box and yew. 

I'm on the wall and high as mummy
bh2.jpg (78060 bytes)
lets go right there must be something
bh3.jpg (83159 bytes)
this is slippery can I do it????
bh4.jpg (61267 bytes)
this is a big tree can I climb this tree????
bh5.jpg (65511 bytes)
come on I can do this this is easy
bh6.jpg (81773 bytes)
I don't like this. leads these to a sunny place
bh7.jpg (65089 bytes)
hey there are some steps come on mummy
bh8.jpg (82243 bytes)
come on daddy I'm waiting your last!!!
bh9.jpg (80436 bytes)
I'm going to climb this tree it looks big
bh10.jpg (77204 bytes)
I'm exhausted. I just ran up this hill 
bh11.jpg (77920 bytes)
witch way shall we go 
bh12.jpg (61315 bytes)]
this hill is very seep hill 

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