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Dylan's 5th Birthday Party
14th June 2003
I celebrated my 5th birthday a week early at St Oswald's Parish Church Hall. The Tumble Tots were there to entertain all the kids. 
Mummy did a grand job of organizing everything as well as all the
  yummy food in the "Monster's Inc." lunchboxes!!

I've made a BIG wish (for HotWheels) and blew all 5 candles by myself!
Dylan-5th-17.jpg (55197 bytes)
Dylan-5th-18.jpg (56573 bytes)
Thomas the Tank engine cake

I'm a BIG boy now
Dylan-5th-03.jpg (33838 bytes)
My 5 fingers to say "I'm 5"
Dylan-5th.jpg (35060 bytes) Dylan-5th-01.jpg (32734 bytes)
Dylan-5th-16.jpg (59492 bytes)
Dave, Isobel, Cheryl, Sundeep, Sean, Sue and Jean
Dylan-5th-27.jpg (48286 bytes)
Uncle Ian, Desiree, Caroline and baby Melissa
Dylan-5th-20.jpg (52777 bytes)
Cheryl gives me a lovely hug
Dylan-5th-21.jpg (58481 bytes)
Here's my friend Melissa
Dylan-5th-06.jpg (64702 bytes)
Karen shouts "Hello" to all the kids!
Dylan-5th-07.jpg (68092 bytes)
We love her, she's fun!!
Dylan-5th-08.jpg (69996 bytes)
Leela's facing the wrong way!
Dylan-5th-09.jpg (56803 bytes)
I love climbing
dylansPhotos-02.jpg (47502 bytes)
Come on Danielle...
dylanphotos5th-10.jpg (60423 bytes)
....Hey wait for me
dylanphotos5th-09.jpg (46067 bytes)
Why have I still got my crown on?
dylanphotos5th-11.jpg (62446 bytes)
Phew It's hot today!
Dylan-5th-10.jpg (60653 bytes)
Georgia and Charlotte climb with me
Dylan-5th-14.jpg (54059 bytes)
Lara and Jon-Paul look on....
Dylan-5th-12.jpg (54067 bytes)
Hey that's Melissa in the tunnel
Dylan-5th-13.jpg (50739 bytes)
Meghan and Leela enjoy the See-saw
Dylan-5th-11.jpg (57040 bytes)
Now it's Mark's turn!
Dylan-5th-15.jpg (59168 bytes)
Danielle struggles on to the top

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Yippee - It's "Pass the Parcel"
dylanphotos5th-03.jpg (53337 bytes)
Matthew joins in the fun too.
dylansPhotos-07.jpg (59350 bytes)
My turn at last!
dylansPhotos-06.jpg (53543 bytes)
Jon-Paul unwraps pretty quick!
dylanphotos5th-04.jpg (53040 bytes)
Meghan unwraps while Lara giggles!!

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Hooray it's yummy lunch time!
dylansPhotos-03.jpg (65537 bytes)
"Monster's Inc" Boxes are all set by me!!
dylansPhotos-04.jpg (62889 bytes)
Mummy helps the children
dylansPhotos-01.jpg (64486 bytes)
I giggle with Sophie while Daniel eats!
dylanphotos5th-14.jpg (63734 bytes)
Alexander and Sophie
dylansPhotos.jpg (66964 bytes)
What a lovely balloon I have
dylanphotos5th-17.jpg (62183 bytes)
My friend Joseph and Lara
dylanphotos5th-18.jpg (55512 bytes)
Daniel and Charlotte
dylanphotos5th-15.jpg (43688 bytes)
Danielle has a pretty crown on!
dylansPhotos-05.jpg (57614 bytes)
Leela, Melissa + Charlie munch away
dylanphotos5th-06.jpg (48660 bytes)
Matthew enjoys the jelly
dylanphotos5th-12.jpg (499552 bytes)

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More Playtime - The Parachute Game
Dylan-5th-22.jpg (53623 bytes)
I'm a bit afraid of this game!!
Dylan-5th-23.jpg (66764 bytes)
Sophie heads this way 
Dylan-5th-25.jpg (53518 bytes)
Everyone asleep under the tent...
Dylan-5th-24.jpg (57451 bytes)
.....and now everyone on the top!
Dylan-5th-26.jpg (50076 bytes)
Hey, Matthew is left behind!!!!

It was a wacky Monstrous Party - don't you think!!!

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