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Anish at 10months old
30th May 2003
Mummy's niece. Raksha came to stay at grandparents house after Easter 
and after such a long time I met Anish again!

He is a gorgeous little boy who is amazing - he started to walk 
at 9 months old and already can say daddy!! 

He also has 4 teeth and loves all the Indian currys and chapattis!!!

It's rice and curry time - yippee....

anish06.jpg (61598 bytes)
Raksha, Anish, Nikesh and me

anish08.jpg (64231 bytes)
Nikesh and I try to look cool!

anish04.jpg (53206 bytes)
Ashwin and Raksha, proud parents!

anish05.jpg (43791 bytes)
Look this way little chap

anish14.jpg (31199 bytes)
I'm a cheeky fellow.....

anish15.jpg (42450 bytes)
......I'm going to pick that flower!

anish10.jpg (41227 bytes)
"If you're happy and you know it...

anish11.jpg (41911 bytes)
....clap your hands!"

anish09.jpg (37071 bytes)
I've lost my mummy!

anish12.jpg (41487 bytes)
Where is she?

anish16.jpg (46352 bytes)
Anish walks towards my train set...

anish17.jpg (37950 bytes)
.....Oh no, he's messed it up!

anish02.jpg (49140 bytes)
We've trapped him in my truck

anish03.jpg (46533 bytes)
now it's my turn

anish07.jpg (51909 bytes)
Mummy and I with Raksha and Anish

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